Visit Galeria and the south of Calvi

3-star accommodation for your vacation south of Calvi


Scandola Nature Reserve: Be sure to take a boat from Galeria to explore the Scandola Nature Reserve. This area is a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its outstanding natural beauty, with impressive rock formations and rich marine biodiversity.

Galeria beaches: Enjoy Galeria's beaches, which offer crystal-clear waters and stunning coastal scenery. You can also consider activities such as snorkeling to explore the marine life.

Hiking: The area around Galeria offers superb hiking opportunities. You can explore the coastal paths for panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea.


Calvi Beach: If you haven't explored Calvi's beaches yet, make sure you do. Calvi beach is renowned for its fine sand and turquoise waters.

Picturesque villages: Head south of Calvi to discover charming villages such as Lumio, Monticello and Cateri. These villages offer an authentic atmosphere and spectacular views.

Route des Artisans: Explore the region's Route des Artisans, where you can discover local products, works of art and unique souvenirs.

Corsican wines: The south of Calvi is also home to a number of wineries. Take the opportunity to taste some of Corsica's finest wines.

Sunset from the Citadelle: End your day in Calvi by climbing to the Citadelle to admire a magnificent sunset over the sea.