Restaurant Ferayola in Galeria

All day long, come and enjoy the pleasant covered terrace with its breathtaking view of the sea

It's so good to be at the Auberge Ferayola..

Throughout the day, you can enjoy our covered terrace with its breathtaking view of the sea, a place for sharing and exchanging ideas about our different regions and cultures. Moments that are all too rare these days..

We welcome you to our warm and friendly Corsican restaurant.

Come and taste our specialities in the heart of the Corsican maquis

As soon as you arrive, the Ferayola restaurant will whet your appetite

Enjoy a continental breakfast in the warmth of the morning
At lunchtime, the inn is at your disposal for a typical lunch on a cool, airy terrace.

Refresh yourself throughout the day with a well-deserved Pietra draught. At dusk, when the aperitif is served, nature is sure to offer you a different sunset every evening, with the sun plunging into the sea to create an unforgettable spectacle.

And it's with a whetted appetite that you'll come and taste our specialities: charcuterie, roti de Porc farcit au Figatellu, Corsican-style wild boar, cheese, our homemade desserts... and much more, all washed down with very good vintages from our region.